Southport FC have today launched a Go Fund Me page to help raise £5,000 to purchase their own hydraulic ram.

The club said: “Prior to the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, the club had planned to purchase a hydraulic ram that lowers the floodlights in order for club staff to clean, service and replace the bulbs.

“At a cost of £5,000 this was seen as a must have as the cost to hire a ram costs roughly £2,000 each time we need to get one in. The design of the pylons means that should a light trip the ram is still required to lower the pylon to access the switches.

“At the onset of pandemic cashflow had to be diverted. meaning that the purchase of the ram dropped down the priorities list.

“With our first home match with fans possible scheduled for the 3 October (subject to guidance and the FA Cup draw) we are asking fans to help in any way they can to ensure we can have the ram in situ and all lights operational.

You can donate via the GoFundMe website HERE