This week the Southport & District Amateur Snooker League held its first Round of the Rickerby Cup this Competition is handicapped in order that the teams from the three different divisions can compete, it saw some exceptionally close games.

Tarleton BC A v Waddington B First Division Tarleton BC A were at home, and conceding 42 a man to their opponents, from the third Division, handicap only just proved just too much for Tarleton, Waddington winning 4 – 2 in games the aggregate only counting when the matches are tied 3 – 3 Tarleton had finished 18 points in front on aggregate, Chris Hoare got the match off well for Tarleton BC having an 89 break on his way to give his team an early win, being very unfortunate not getting his first 100 break in competition. Peter Riley for Waddy B levelled the match at 1 – 1 potting pink to win the frame. George Evans put Waddy in front with a close called match. Rob Iddon fought well for Tarleton BC pulling back the deficit before leaving the pink hanging in the pocket Dave Brown for Waddy taking the pink and black to go 3 – 2 up. In the final match, Steve Harrison needed just to win to progress Tarleton BC into the next round, but Mick Hodge for Waddy potted pink for the match 4 – 2 although Tarleton were leading the aggregate 437 to 419.

St Teresa’s A v Banks B Both teams from Division 2, Banks had a great start with Mike Marsh winning 102 – 18 having a 45 break on his way to the win. Andy Griffiths for Banks had a very close match just taking it on the pink giving Banks a 2 – 0 lead, L Cromwell pulled a frame back for St Teresa’s, before John Gearie of Banks won his frame reopening the 2 frame lead. Banks B 3 – 1 up and a 100 point lead then had to concede a frame and 90 points due to them being a man short, bringing St Teresa’s back into contention, St Teresa’s winning the final frame and taking the game on aggregate.

St. Teresa’s B v Argyle LTC – Yet again a 1st division side was giving a big start to a third division side, 32per man being the hurdle for Argyle to overcome. The result ended in a 4-0 victory to the away side Argyle, but the main story was the fact that Argyle won three black ball games. Mark Hopgood being the only one to safely win his match well before the black, 105-48, it was a night where PaddyTyndall, Ste Forshaw and Arnold Topham took the match away from their opposition potting the last ball on the table to take all with 3 games on the black ball.

Birkdale Cons A v Birkdale Cons C – The Battle of the Birkdales went to the third division side but not before Phil Fitzgerald and Les Sullivan put the A team 2 – 0 up and 75 points to the good. The C team rallied well to take the next two frames, level the frames and take a 304-287 point lead, Paul Rimmer and Phil Green won the last two games comfortably to take the match 4-2 and win with 482-402 aggregate.

Churchtown Cons B v Scarisbrick NSC A – Both teams were fairly equally matched up in terms of personnel, and it showed with Scarisbrick taking this match on aggregate 332-308 on the night. The match was tight all the way from the start 1 – 1, 2 – 2 with only a 13 point lead to Scarisbrick going into the last 2 frames. Ian Tinsley of Scarisbrick, winning his game by 22 points, whilst Churchtown took the final game by 11 points, Scarisbrick NSC winning the whole game by only 24 points.

Southport Cons B v Churchtown Cons C – Another battle of two teams from the same division went the way of the home side after a great start to eventually hold on to victory at the end. Southport Cons took a 3-1 lead and a (215-155) 60-point lead. This was to be tested with Jim Bradley and John McCabe nearly pulling the Con Club back into it by taking the last two frames but ultimately falling short by 28 points. Final scores, Southport Cons B won on aggregate 285-257 after the frames were drawn 3 – 3.

Les Dodd’s C v Waddington Cons A – Les Dodd’s C were well up on aggregate going into the last 2 frames, (252-168) even though the frames were tied 2 – 2. In the last two frames. Ste Cobb (Waddy) beat Chris Rae 69 – 42, whilst Ray Highton of Waddy won the final frame 55 – 54. Waddington Cons A going through 4 – 2 even though they were well down on the aggregate.

Banks C v Bretherton A – The battle of the 1st division basement sides went the way of the home team Banks C, after the last pair for Arthur Wareing and Martin Sephton won easily to complete a 4-2 win and a 348-302 aggregate score.

There were comfortable wins for Les Dodd’s B over Tarleton B 5-1; Bretherton B also beat Mere Brow A, by the same score.

S & B CC beat Churchtown Cons D, 4 – 2. Mere Brow B beat Our Lady’s 4 – 2. Fleetwood Hesketh B won 4 – 2 against Churchtown Cons A, 4-2. Whilst Tarleton BC D beat British Rail B 4 – 2.