Southport cyclists to benefit from £1.3million road repairs

Cyclists in Southport will benefit from improved roads after the council was given £1.3million to be spent on repair work.

The Department for Transport is handing out a total of £53m to local authorities across the North West over the coming months and Sefton will be given a slice of the funding in the form of a £1,283,000 grant.

Roads Minister Jesse Norman said: “Potholes are a huge problem for all road users, and too often we see issues occurring at the same place time after time. That is why the government is investing more in improving our roads than at any time before – £15 billion between 2015 and 2020 and a further £28.8 billion to 2025.

Plus an immediate extra £420 million for potholes and local road maintenance just this year.

“The north west will be getting an extra £53 million this winter to keep its roads in good con- dition to keep drivers and cyclists safe.”