Gracie Fields

Southport Councillor objects to plans which put house made famous by Gracie Fields in jeopardy

One of Southport’s oldest buildings, used as a residence by famous entertainer Gracie Fields when she performed at The Southport Palladium, is under threat followng a controversial planning application.

Cllr David Barton, a leading campaigner for the preservation of Southport’s heritage has backed local residents who are opposing plans to convert the first, second and third floors of a nearby building on Lord Street into six apartments.

He said the application, by property developer Craft & Sons Ltd, would affect the local amenity and quality of life of nearby residents and could cause the historically property to become run down.

Cllr Barton, who represents Dukes ward on Sefton council, said the application raised a number of concerns around accessibility and drainage and could attract anti-social behaviour in the adjoining alleyway.

He said the building had been in existence since 1839 and is located at the centre of Lord Street opposite the lay-bye leading into St. George’s Place.

Gracie Fields

He said: “Gracie Fields once stayed at this very same property, where the garden used to open out onto Lord Street, when she performed at The Southport Palladium and so it has an important place in Southport’s history.

“After being contacted by a local resident I have secured an extension in the time for objections to be lodged, until noon on Monday July 24 and I would urge local residents and businesses to get behind the people who will be adversely affected by these plans.

“It is essential that in seeking to preserve the proud local history of our great Victorian town that we support these local residents, some of whom have lived in the area for 35 years and lovingly look after their homes.”

Anyone who wishes to support the campaign to retain this hidden gemstone of Southport please contact Councillor Barton on 07968 581611.