A Southport councillor is tackling the sticky issue of dog fouling in High Park.

Worn out signage which should alert dog owners to the possibility of strenuous fines if they do not clean up after their pets, are soon to be replaced by local councillor Bill Welsh.

Cllr Welsh said: “I have been replacing many faded out old anti-dog fouling signs all over Norwood ward and especially in High Park where reports are regularly coming in of dog fouling being left on the pavement.

“I have also been tackling areas where there are no signs at all!

“In some of these roads the fouling is done repeatedly and the owners are not picking it up.

“The majority of dog owners are responsible and bag after their dog has done its business and take it home with them for disposal, it is just a few who are not and the community ends up with areas of high fouling, which is anti-social and dangerous to the health of children plus there are fines if someone is caught”.

Bill has also been looking into getting anti-fouling dog stencils put down on pavements where there is regular dog fouling.

He continued: “If you see someone in your road who does this especially repeatedly and you can give a description of them and their dog ring Sefton Council on 01704 533133 and report this.  All calls will be confidential!”