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Southport Councillor calls for increased safety measures at busy roundabout 

Safety fears have prompted a campaigning councillor to call for improvements to a busy Southport roundabout.

Cllr David Barton has requested Sefton Council Highways Department introduces a white ring zig zag outer perimeter at the northern roundabout adjoining Albert Road, Manchester Road and Leicester Street.

He said the work, similar to that carried out at the Southern roundabout adjoining Lord Street West and Duke Street, would prevent accidents being caused by the ongoing problem of loose cladding stones becoming dislodged and falling onto the main carriageway.

Woman driver uninjured after crashing into Lord Street Victorian canopies

Cllr Barton, who represents Dukes Ward, said a car recently came off the roundabout and crashed into the Verandah opposite at the Lords Bar, which is still to be repaired.

He said: “Encouraging drivers not to drive as close to the main roundabout would increase visibility of oncoming traffic, pedestrians crossing and lead to better driving overall.

“I am pressing the Highways Department to investigate this further as I have received numerous inquiries from residents about general road safety in this area which coupled with recent events has led me to conclude that action should now be taken.

“Much investment has already been put into this area by individual property owners at both northern and southern Lord Street and this would go a long way to encouraging further investment confidence in the wider area.”

Sefton Council Highways Department is currently carrying out a number of safety projects but due to limited funding it is prioritising sites where there have been seven or more accidents in the last three years.

But the roundabout is a main route linking Southport with Churchtown and Lancashire to the North and many commuters and visitors pass through on a daily basis.

Cllr Barton added: “It is essential that the Authority acts upon this request given the high probability of another accident.

“If this saves just one life it will be money well invested. During my own ongoing town audit and inspections of the Verandahs I have frequently observed young mothers especially crossing Lord Street and believe this work would also help people to feel safer doing their shopping and in turn support the local businesses nearby.”

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