A Southport Town Centre Councillor has acted over an unauthorised Lord Street amusement arcade next to the Scarisbrick Hotel which he says is ‘tacky’ and inappropriate to the town’s premier shopping street.
Dukes Ward Lib Dem Councillor Tony Dawson has taken up the issue with Sefton MBC’s planning department who have confirmed to him that none of the development is permitted. The planners are seeking urgent talks with Brittania Hotels.
Cllr Dawson says:
“There is an uphill battle to try to maintain a shopping environment which will attract visitors to the town as well as satisfy the need of local residents. Residents and traders also regularly raise concerns about the balance of different types of shops  on Lord Street and the streets off it.  I hope that the Council will come down very heavily on the people who have done this right in the heart of our town. I cannot believe they were unaware of the need to apply for listed building consent and panning permission before making a move like this in the heart of a conservation area.”

Extracts below of email letter from planning dept to Cllr Dawson.

7th August 2014

Dear Cllr Dawson

Site Address: Former John Duncan Shop, Scarisbrick Hotel, 239 Lord Street, Southport,

Alleged Breach: Amusement Arcade.

Thank you for your recent email regarding the above,

I can confirm that I carried out a site visit accompanied by the Principal Planner (Conservation) on 31st July 2014.

Having carried out the site visit I can advise you that firstly the proposed residents lounge in the former John Duncan shop is now operating as an amusement arcade without the required planning permission. In addition internal walls have been removed to the former IT Room, Office and Cash Office immediately behind this unit and they too have been converted into the amusement arcade without planning permission or listed building consent

An internal roller shutter has been installed to the former John Duncan shop front without listed building consent.

The residents lounge in the former 02 shop is open to the public and not exclusively for the use of residents.

Unauthorised advertisements are located on the rear of the building in West Street, on the side elevation in Scarisbrick Avenue, on the side of the canopy and inside the canopy, on the front elevation and a first floor level, the fascia signage is illuminated by “fairy lights”.

As you can see there are a substantial number of breaches of planning control taking place.

I have written to Britannia Hotels who now own the Scarisbrick Hotel and requested an urgent site

meeting to discuss the numerous breaches taking place. I will appraise you of the outcome of the

meeting and any proposed enforcement action.”

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