How does Southport Conservative conduct like the following actually help Southport householders? 

By: Tom Duffy

On the current Southport Conservative’s site, we discover a meaningless page, which was written (10 February 2014) by Tory member, ‘Brian Duckett’.

This is the person who wanted to be Southport’s Tory MP but failed, for whatever reason. It’s rather hard to understand why the Southport Tories would accept such a contentious page online that makes quite a few extensive (and potentially costly) claims.

In this instance Duckett seems by be extremely troubled about some internet poster called, ‘cherie brandie’.

One can only presume that this poster must have deeply disturbed Mr Duckett on-line and that he has just not been able to get over it. ‘Freedom of speech’ therefore is NOT a very significant item on Duckett’s list. Naturally, because of Mr Duckett’s Conservative affiliation he is eager to blame his most disliked opposition, the Liberal Democrats, for this perceived insult; if that is what it was that upset him so greatly in the first place? So apparently, without any validation given whatsoever, Mr Duckett declares:

“You may find it even more puzzling that I believe the Southport Liberal Democrats to be behind this rather feeble and pathetic attempt to discredit me.”

Belief is NOT fact and what Mr Duckett sees as an attempt to “discredit” him may simply be an honest opinion from another individual.

So we find it “puzzling” do we? Well no, in fact we find it rather self-indulgent that an unsuccessful political wannabe can rant off like this on the ‘official’ Conservative site at will against another person who he THINKS may be having a dig at him. Are the local Tories really this desperate to get something on their pathetic website?

Mr Duckett then rolls out more unconfirmed opinions when he says:

“Even more bizarrely, I understand that ‘cherie brandie’ is, in fact, a local councillor.” 

Again we get the same misdirection. He “understands” but he does not KNOW! Mr Duckett then adds the following.

“For me, though, this bizarre behaviour from the Southport Lib Dems worries me not one bit. That fact that it makes the Lib Dems look so desperate can only be good for the Conservatives. But I do feel quite sorry for John Pugh, who must be thoroughly ashamed of his team.”

We can see that Duckett has now gone from ‘believing’ and ‘understanding’ that someone who wound him up is unambiguously (in Duckett’s World) a Libdem “councillor”.

Consequently, without any confirmation and sailing off on dodgy yacht fuel on what appears to be pure gossip Mr Duckett has started his dippy campaign and thrown a wobbler at another political party; who may very well be totally ‘innocent’ of his wild allegations. He failed however to say ‘who’ he is referring to in all this twaddle and so his dispatch can be seen as nothing more than a ragged attempt to get growing internal aggravation off his chest. It may also be seen as a rather nasty pot shot to ‘do down’ another political party. Filthy politics like this are so very counter-productive and belong in the pub. What must authentic Conservative voters really think about such stratagem in their own party? Nevertheless, we may rightly ask who exactly in the Southport Tory party has allowed this dangerously irresponsible rant to remain online.

That Tory Tape Recording, a similar thing?

There is in fact a common denominator between Mr Duckett and ‘another’ Tory, with regards to allegations against others. Has Ainsdale’s Cllr Terry Jones had significant contribution into this Duckett matter?

Jones has recently made an unrevealed tape recording of his intense contact with a resident concerning comparable allegations, which again are unsubstantiated to our knowledge. He also resorted to similar unimpeded activity within a Southport newspaper. Will Cllr Jones give us a flavour of his conduct and divulge this tape or will he continue to conceal it from Southport residents? If he is going to make allegations then he MUST be able to substantiate them!

Mr Duckett showed similar and quite bitter aggravation towards Ainsdale residents that he apparently disliked a while back, subsequent to him being mentioned within a brief internet article.

Terry Jones also joined Duckett in attacking the family, as we have seen before on OTS News, when he threatened them with Conservative legal action, which understandably fell flat on its face.

Southport-cons-paperThe family (Regans) have however been somewhat busy of late fighting, and winning, a vital campaign to save an essential dementia-care facility (the Woodvale Brookdale Centre) but Ainsdale Tory councillors disgracefully never came anywhere near that fight.

Just what are Southport Tories playing at today? They appear to be doing little or nothing for residents.

Their loyal Conservative supporters have been let down appallingly!



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