A real issue facing homeowners today is rising fuel costs causing our home heating bills to rise rapidly.

At the same time, people are growing increasingly environmentally conscious. The dilemma is how best to counter the problem of heating the home, while embracing environmentally friendly technology, without it hitting hard in the pocket.


A recently established company in Southport has begun offering an alternative, cost effective, discreet and efficient solution to your home heating needs.

Green Energy Sefton specialises in selling Redwell Infrared Heating system’s. The system heats your home using extremely thin and discreet infrared panels.


Rather than having a clunky old radiator or traditional electric heater, the Redwell panels come in a variety of surfaces such as portraits, photographs, mirrors,chalk and white boards or even a canvas panel which you can paint your own art  all of which fit in with your existing home design meaning they are not even noticeable as heaters.


These versatile heating devices can also be mounted on ceilings so they’re extremely discreet and virtually invisible with false ceiling panels and, what’s more, they can be easily disconnected and reinstalled in another position or location – you can change your room layout and they can be taken with you to a holiday home.


The Redwell Heating Panels run off mains electricity but are much more cost effective and efficient heat providers than your average electric heater, in fact Redwell panels could prove up to 70% cheaper to run than a conventional convection heater.


The panels even come with a five year guarantee.

 So how does it work?

 The panels send out an energy called FAR inferred energy (FIR) a type of energy which accounts for 49% of the energy from the sun which warms the Earth. This energy is the same as used in clinics and hospitals helping relieve a number of ailments.


The infrared energy is absorbed into your walls and furniture, heating the core and holding the energy like a battery, effectively turning your walls into a heater, releasing the heat for hours.


The Panels are controlled by a thermostat control system that will control the heating levels to your personal preference, in a very economical and cost effective way.

Redwell are the world leaders in FIR technology creating a heating system which 100% energy efficient and requires NO maintenance.

The Redwell heating panel solution is perfect for you, whether its a loft conversion, extension, conservatory, full heating system or simply any heating requirements domestic and commercial.


We at Green Energy Sefton believe in and highly recommend this innovative heating solution it can save you money and is a simple installation, why not try it for yourself!

 To find out more about Redwell Heating’s stylish, space saving, maintenance free, cost effective and efficient infrared heaters, contact Green Energy Sefton and make an appointment to see our demonstration home. Telephone 07786 248733, 01704 808852, or visit the website: www.greenenergysefton.co.uk

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