Southport Civil Enforcement Officers – What powers do they have?

Southport Civil Enforcement Officers – What powers do they have?

Civil Enforcement Officers (CEO’s) in Sefton have new powers to tackle dog fouling and littering.

Many officers can now issue fixed-penalty-notices of up to £75 for anyone caught dropping litter or not picking up their dog’s waste. This is on top of their ability to issue parking notices.

The new powers recently came into force and falls within Sefton Council’s 2030 Vision of creating a clean, green and beautiful borough.

All CEO’s based in the borough are employed by NSL and work on behalf of Sefton Council.

Steve Smith, Sefton Council’s Environmental Health manager, said: “While maintaining legal parking throughout the borough, CEO’s often witness other environmental offences like littering and dog fouling.

“These new powers will enable them to issue fixed-penalty-notices to anyone caught throwing their rubbish away and dog walkers who do not pick up their pets’ mess.

“These changes will enable increased emphasis to be placed upon tackling environmental crimes across the borough and hopefully with additional people available to issue fines, it will make people think twice before committing these offences.

“Dropping litter and dog fouling on our streets are examples of anti-social behaviour that simply need to stop.”

Sefton Council promotes responsible dog ownership and would like to remind all dog owners that failing to pick up dog fouling is an offence and officers can issue fixed-penalty-notices of £75, reduced to £50 if paid within 10 days. This also applies to dropping litter. Any offenders who fail to pay will be prosecuted.