SOUTHPORT – 2 days left to register to vote if you haven’t already!

20th May 2017
Election Southport

2 days left to register to vote if you haven’t already:

Simple process… takes less than 5 minutes.

Now, if you don’t believe in the voting process due to your views on Government corruption and conspiracy etc. I’m clearly not going to be able to convince you to register and vote.

I’ve been there, though, I refuse to be apathetic, and as I can’t 100% be certain on anything (nor can anyone, that sort of confidence comes from a lack of intelligence), I’m still going to vote…

Regardless of how you view politics, it is vitally important to at least take some interest, as for whether you do or not; it will still affect you.

If you take an interest, turn up and vote, vote blank, spoil your ballot or otherwise. Then you increase your demographic turn out (your age, ethnicity etc.), meaning more policies will be created, that are aimed at your demographic to win votes, thus, making you more represented within parliament.

If you don’t turn up, then that doesn’t happen.

For that reason alone, you have a responsibility to your own demographic to at least turn up.

Here are the turnout stats for 2015 GE:

65.5% of people in Southport voted. So 34.5% of Southport didn’t turn up.

If they had, and all voted one way, they could, in theory, have voted in any of the parties they wanted (see attached photo), to the constituency seat.

Now check out your constituency and see what the percentage difference is there:…/live-uk-election-results-in-f…

The number of non-voters is that high, that if we can overcome the apathy that is rife within our society, we could potentially actually make some form of difference.

Even if, at the present time, voting, overall, doesn’t change the direction of the country, perhaps if we all showed an interest, it would be harder for the people in power to get away with some of the more underhanded and despicable policies and legislation that we have allowed them to get away with for decades.

In the infamous words of Negan, “Not making a decision, is a big decision”.

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