Some Blockchain Applications That Have Got Some Real-World Uses

10th February 2022

Blockchain innovation is just not a limited version restricted to BTC and cryptocurrencies but it is more than that. It can bring more transparency and not only save money and time for big businesses but also impact many other sectors with its versatility. It helps in managing things with ease so that every institution works efficiently. If you are interested in bitcoin trading check tryst with two kids making 30k usd a month with mining bitcoin .

Usage Of Smart Contracts

Although the smart contact concept is a relatively new innovation, it has found widespread application in digital currencies, particularly blockchains. These contracts are similar to our normal contracts. In such contracts, the terms of the contracts are enforced with the help of blockchain that eradicates the meddlers and the parties so involved are held accountable for the contracts which is otherwise not seen in our regular ones. This reduces time as well as money and also assures that the people involved in the contract abide by its terms.

  • BurstIQ

This platform allows doctors as well as patients to transfer sensitive medical details with ease by using BurstIQ’s blockchain. Its feature includes the parameters that shall be utilized to share the data and also mentions the personalized health plan details of every patient.

  • MediaChain

Mediachain employs the smart contract feature to compensate the musician so that they get their deserved payments on time. By participating in such contracts, the artists can get increased royalties, also making timely and full payments. The process for all this is entirely decentralized as well as contracts are fully transparent. In 2017, Spotify, a giant streaming platform acquired a media chain.


IoT (Internet Of Things) Uses

In blockchain applications, the internet of things is the most recent significant move which has been made. To make things smart, IoT blockchain provides additional security so that data breaches can be avoided. If the network is transparent, this is allowed. Below given companies are utilizing IoT to provide security along with smartness.

  • Filament

This platform is associated with creating microchip hardware and software where connected devices can utilize blockchain technology.

  • TYPE

The next IoT use case is HYPR. By utilizing HYPR in IoT devices, it lessens the risks associated with cybersecurity via the solution it employs which is decentralized credentials. It makes the digital devices unhackable by employing the finger sensor or the face recognition credentials and deletes the password devices that possess control.


Uses Of Money Transfer

The applications that were pioneered by bitcoin for making a transfer are currently exploding in the market with its popularity. The above mentioned is also one such application. The finance sector is more benefited by these applications since they can save a lot of time irrespective of the size a company has. Below I will mention those companies that are using this technology for making transfers.

  • Algorand

This company is evolving a technology that can act as a catalyst to cast away the gaps of decentralized and conventional finance. Its technology empowers the layer-1 blockchain so that better security, transparency etc. can be entrusted to the users.

  • Gemini

Gemini allows for protected keeping, acquiring and selling of virtual assets since it is a licensed digital asset exchange. Several products, as well as services, are there that empower the traders to utilize them as they feel fit.


Wrapped up

These are some of the use cases of blockchain in the real world. Many well-known firms across the world are incorporating this technology into their operations to give their customers the greatest possible experience. I hope the blog’s information is clear to every one of you.