Army personnel allegedly part of the soldier encampment at Pontins Ainsdale have started leaving mixed reviews of the infamous holiday park.

Army personnel have been camping at the Pontins site on Shore Road in Ainsdale, with the one squaddie saying the resort was worse than living in war-torn Afghanistan.


Another said the holiday park was nowhere near as good as Camp Bastion in Helmand Province.

Others said the lunch was a poor selection of ‘brown bag’ food while others said they were pleasantly surprised at the camp given warnings they were told before they moved in.

One disgruntled squaddie said: “So having been told at short notice that my 2 week field exercise was cancelled without refund and instead my friends and I had won a 2 week inclusive package at pontins Southport my initial feelings were of joy and excitement.

“A 4am meeting to depart at 7am put a slight doubt in my mind of what lay in store and the brown bag of sadness that was issued as “lunch” confirmed my fears.

“After a delightful 4 hour journey with face coverings we finally arrived at our holiday destination. The reception committee hurried us off the coach to what was described as a “short walk” to the accommodation.

“After 3 and a half laps of pontins while carrying a gorilla box, daysack and the remains of my bag of uneaten sadness I came to the conclusion that my sergeant was navigationally confused.”

Another said that the camp “isnt a shade on Camp Bastion”, referring to the former British Army Airbase in Helmand Province, Afghanistan.

“This place is first class, for a man who doesn’t like hot food, this is the place to be.

“The only down side to this place is my boots don’t fit and my mail isn’t getting through. But these are only minor points. The site security is excellent, there is no getting through them, not even Deliveroo.

“There is no shop so it’s an excellent place to save your money.”