Singer Martha Wainwright asked to cancel her performances in Israel

Canadian folk singer and write is performing at the Atkinson on Saturday 1st November.

ots-peter reilly 1 southport ots onthespot ots, Southport and Formby Friends of Palestine outside the Atkinson, collecting signatures for a petition for Singer Martha Wainwright to cancel her scheduled performance in Israel on November 6th and 7th,  in support of the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel Campaign. The public will also be handed leaflets explaining them why they should ask Martha Wainwright to support the boycott of Israel.

Peter Reilly and Anne Candlin will hand in the petition with a letter to Martha Wainwright after the show.

The wider context is the decision by Palestinians to call for a Boycott, Disinvestment and Sanctions (BDS)  as part of their efforts to secure basic rights and freedoms. That call, endorsed by trade unions, faith groups, political factions, and civil society organisations, includes cultural use culture as a means of  boycott.

In response to the question why mix culture with politics, Peter Reilly replied, “because the Israelis do. They deliberately seek to use culture as a means of ‘rebranding’ Israel. They want to redirect peoples attention from their criminal violations of human rights against the Palestinians, by improving Israel’s image through culture. They call it, ‘cultural diplomacy’ and have a huge budget to fund it”.

Peter added, “A second reason is because the Palestinians have called for the boycott to mobilise international support as a way of achieving their basic rights. Palestinians have a right to resist Israel’s brutal  and illegal occupation. They have a right to resist the theft of their land, the demolition of their homes and the construction of Israeli settlements. They are entitled to human rights, as much as any other people”.

This is the leaflet handed to the public outside the Atkinson:

Ask Martha Wainwright to support  Palestine’s plea to world artists to boycott Israel. 

Martha Wainwright is soon to play in Israel,  where Palestinian land, property and water is systematically stolen, homes demolished and thousands of Jewish houses built on Palestinian land. Villages and towns are surrounded by the Apartheid Wall, preventing freedom of movement. Thousands of Palestinian children are illegally imprisoned and often tortured in Israeli Jails.

Israel’s  assault  on Gaza resulted in over 500 children dead, over 2,000 civilians killed and 11.200 left seriously injured. The assault has been condemned by many Human Rights Groups. Homes, clinics, hospitals, schools, mosques, manufacturing projects, food production plants, agricultural areas, were pounded with bombs by Israel, a breach of the Geneva Conventions which forbid the destruction of civilian property.

By refusing to perform in Israel, artists such as Cassandra Wilson, Elvis Costello, Faithless, show their unwillingness to collaborate with Apartheid and support  it’s culture of violence

Ask Martha Wainwright to support  Palestine’s plea to world artists to boycott Israel. Write to Her management company: or Facebook page: ( )

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