Signs a Nerdy Girl Likes You and Your Next Step- the First Date

16th September 2021

Nerd is the new sexy. Nowadays, men find geeky, smart, game-playing, fiction-reading nerds attractive. But how do you know if a nerdy girl likes you? Although every nerd girl is different, there are always some clues that show she is into you. Knowing what to look for will help you be successful in your nerd dating adventure.

Benefits of Dating a Nerdy Girl

Behind those glasses of nerdy girls, you’ll find beautiful eyes that can look into your soul. That’s one of the reasons men love dating nerds. Let’s look at some other benefits of dating an attractive nerdy girl.

  • She is understanding: Dating a nerdy girl is fun because she understands your thoughts and decisions better than other girls. She won’t prick you over small issues and will try to support you in whatever you need.
  • She’ll buy you great gifts: Your nerdy girl will get you cool things, such as graphic novels, a set of Blue-rays, or a video game.
  • She’s a great companion: Nerd girls are good listeners, have a balanced mind, and share loads of hobbies with you. For instance, you can play video games together and have a whale of a time.
  • She loves gadgets: Nerd girls love gadgets like you and share the same enthusiasm. Essentially, this could be a car, software, or the latest Apple gadget.
  • She is good at sex: Statistics show that nerd girls are great at having sex. They have mastered how to make you have the time of your life when you are in the bedroom together.

Where to Find Her?

Now that you know the benefits of dating a nerd girl, you probably want to find one. The best place to find sexy, nerdy girls is on dating sites. Reputable dating platforms have nerdy chat rooms where you can connect with geeky cuties of all ages and ethnicities.

Top dating websites for nerds have tons of geeky girls who are always online waiting for compatible dates. You can interact with different ladies and find the one who shares your interests. If you find a nerd girl you like and there is chemistry between the two of you, arrange to meet on a first date.

You can now meet the hottest nerd girls in your area through reliable dating sites. Finding a compatible date is a breeze because you can read someone’s profile and know if you share similar interests and preferences.

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Signs A Nerdy Girl Likes You

  1. She Writes You Online the First

When a nerd girl sees your profile and likes you, she will send you a message. That is a clear sign that she likes you and would like to get to know you.

  1. She likes Your Jokes

If a nerd girl likes you, she will see all your good qualities. As such, she’ll laugh at your jokes even when they are not funny.

  1. She Will Compliment You

If a nerd girl likes you, she might lavish you with praises. She may comment on things such as your personality, tastes, and clothing.

  1. She Will Ask You Deep Questions

If a nerd girl is interested in you, she’ll want to learn more about you. She won’t stick to conventional scripts; instead, she’ll ask deep questions.

Prepare for the First Date: Main Tips

  • Take things offline fast.
  • Pick a place that both of you like.
  • Meet at a public place
  • Keep several conversation starters ready.
  • Dress to impress
  • Ask them for your nerd girl’s preferences and keep them in mind.
  • Mix things up with any activity that you both enjoy.


Nerd dating has never been easier especially after online dating has become more popular. You only need to find a trustworthy site with cute nerds and know how to read the signs that show you she likes you.