Should You Work at an E-Cigarette Company?

15th June 2024

If you’re considering a position at an E-Cigarette company, and you yourself do not vape, you may considering whether this is an industry with which you want to associate. Several important factors may give you pause before accepting that job offer.

Ethical Considerations

Studies abound with statistics that reinforce the notion that employees want a sense of purpose in their workplace. More than ever, their job satisfaction is correlated with how much they value the company’s mission. They also want to be sure their values are aligned with those of their company.

After all, companies in the vaping industry sell products to consumers who are addicted to nicotine. By selling those products, they are enabling these consumers to continue using harmful products.

On the other hand, these same products also help consumers quit smoking deadly cigarettes, which are said to be far more harmful than e-cigarettes. Therefore, working at a company that helps consumers break the habit of smoking cigarettes, even if they end up vaping for the rest of their lives, does improve the health of that company’s customers, contributing to the greater good.

Career Advancement

Some people argue that regulators will slowly kill off the vaping industry in much the same way they’ve done with traditional cigarettes. That is indeed a real risk that does not bode for anyone looking to advance within a vaping company. Moving up the ranks of a vaping company and establishing oneself within the industry could all be for naught.

On the other hand, all signs point to the exact opposite scenario. The vaping industry is growing and expected to consider doing so for years to come. This can present opportunities for organic career growth as the leading brands will scale up to meet the demands of the market.

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Industry Reputation

As someone who works at a vaping company, you may be fully comfortable with the impact your work has on the greater good. That, however, may not comfort you meet new people and they raise their eyebrows judgmentally after hearing what you do for a living.

How much you should allow this to weigh on your decision is subject to how those in your social circles view vaping and how much you actually care about the opinions of those around you.

Workplace Culture

While the culture of every company is as unique as the people working there, there are certain common denominators to the cultures of various companies within an industry. For example, fashion companies tend to have cultures that value creativity, style, and fun, while also holding workers to very high professional standards.

The vaping industry also has its own culture. It’s not uncommon for employees at the offices of a vaping company to vape at their desks. The culture at these companies tends to be more casual and less demanding, yet the employees take their work seriously. This is, in part correlated to the vaping culture created by the consumers.

Making a Decision

The factors above will resonate with people differently. Some people do not take ethical considerations into account, while others see it as far more important than career advancement. Choosing your workplace is a personal decision and one you should after careful consideration of all the factors.