Shops to foot the bill for huge Weld Parade pothole

3rd February 2018

Businesses along Weld Parade are trying to stump up the cash to fill in a pot hole near the shops.

The busy thoroughfare is thought to be a unadopted road ever since the area was built on since the closure of Birkdale Town Hall.

But some residents and councillor say it’s up to Sefton to fill.

The road sees a lot of traffic regularly acting as a makeshift Taxi rank and drop off for the stores along the parade.

One shop owner who didn’t want to be named said:

“We might have to stump up the cash for it and get it filled in because it’s an eyesore and its putting people off driving down here so we’re losing out on business”


What sort of damage can a pothole cause?

An AA survey among 22,827 of its members earlier this year showed that 33pc said they had suffered some damage to their car by hitting potholes. 13 pc had suffered a damaged tyre; 10pc a damaged tyre, wheel and tracking; 6pc a damaged wheel and tyre, 1 pc more extensive damage including bodywork. 6pc said ‘other’ damage.

What should I do if I hit a pothole?

Stop and assess the damage as soon as you can. Check the tyre for cuts in the rubber or a lump in the sidewall. Check the wheel for signs of splits or dents to the rim. Ian Crowder of AA Insurance says, “If the steering seems to pull to one side and there is a vibration coming through the steering, get to a garage or tyre specialist as soon as possible as the tracking may well be out. Not doing this will lead to severe tyre wear and higher fuel consumption.”

He adds that, if the steering wheel doesn’t ‘centre’ properly and there are ‘clonks’ when you turn the steering wheel or go over bumps, go and get the car checked out immediately as you could have a broken spring or shock absorber, or worse.

Of course if a tyre goes flat you will need to change the tyre there and then or have that done for you.

What sort of cost are we talking about?

A blow-out and damaged rim could cost £300 or £400 or more if the damage extends further to say shock absorbers. AA Insurance cites a pothole damage claim it paid out of just under £10,000 for a BMW whose hapless driver hit a pothole, swerved and hit a kerb and then went through a fence and hit a tree, writing the car off. AA Insurance says the main source of pothole-related claims is where the pothole might be the catalyst for a collision with other cars, trees, fences, kerbs or banks either because the driver loses control or makes a last second manoeuvre to avoid the hole.

When are pothole claims most likely?

After a severe winter when ice and snow have taken their toll on road surfaces that have previously been repaired on a ‘make do and mend’ basis rather than by properly resurfacing part of the road.

Is it worth making a claim on your own insurance?

As the amount of loss may be relatively low, weigh up whether it is worth making a claim. If it is just a matter of replacing a tyre on an ordinary vehicle it will probably be better footing the bill yourself. If looking at your insurance, allow for your excess, the loss of some of your no claims bonus possibly and the impact perhaps on premiums later.

Might the Highways Agency or your local highway authority be answerable?

A claim is unlikely to succeed if the local authority was unaware of the problem before the problem occurs. So for the general good and possibly yours too, if you see a pothole, report it. Most local authority websites have a facility for reporting poholes and other road defects. Councils maintain a register of road problems including potholes and schedules for repair. You may be able to download a claim form from the website. Also

Roadside assistance

Be aware that, if a tyre is damaged, roadside assistance should cover the person coming out to put the spare on.

Check the spare tyre is OK

Garages should check the spare tyre as part of an annual service, but some fail to. You don’t want to find a tyre deflates and you call out road recovery only to discover the spare tyre is not fit for purpose. So check the spare tyre is as it should be.