Shoppers were left “shocked, disgusted and dismayed” after human excrement was discovered on Southport’s monument war memorial (Monday 1st December 2014).


The war memorial has yet to be washed down.

The incident is understood to have taken place some time over the weekend.

OTSnews spoke to a lord street business owner, she quoted

“If the incident was a deliberate desecration of the war memorial then it is to be deplored as an insult to all the service personnel who have given their lives in both world wars and in the subsequent wars and conflicts up to, and including the present day.

“The thought that it was not deliberate is reassuring nevertheless whatever the motive the end result was the same.”

“This is a place where we remember those who gave the ultimate sacrifice so we can live in the freedom we are accustomed to.

“The word scum doesn’t go far enough.”

ots-southport-closeA spokesman for the Royal British Legion said:

“The Legion is saddened to hear of this senseless incident.

“War memorials honour the memory of the British Armed Forces who have made the ultimate sacrifice and those who defend the freedom we enjoy.”

He added:

“It is unclear at this time whether this was a deliberate act. We have several lines of enquiry and should we identify a culprit, I can assure the community we will deal with them robustly.”

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