Orders can be made via the website http://www.sgtpepperspr8.co.uk or calling 07933847168

Address: 82 Eastbourne Rd, Southport, Merseyside PR8 4DU

Recently Yilmaz Nasuh (owner) of SGT PEPPERS PIZZA Shop, Southport  has had his telephone number taken over without concent by a third telephone company by a term referred to as ‘slamming’.

Yilmaz said:

“My business has been established for a number of years now,  and it’s disappointing to find out I’ve been a victim of  ‘SLAMMING’  ,  I have invested my life into it the business.

Unfortunately this has happened as a result of a fault on the line and while BT Openreach was investigating the fault… All my call have now been diverted.

When the third company took over the line they then presumably decided the line is dead and dropped it.

My business  depends on my phone number but the line has ceased.

I have put a complaint with Ofcom who are investigating it. 
Ofcom tell me in 5 days who took the line over and dropped it. However even if I know who did this my business will receive calls for 3 weeks and by that time my business may seize to operate.

This line is now cut off and won’t be open for approximately 3 weeks. 
I do not currently know the company that took over my line as they never sent me a confirmation or welcome pack.”

Orders can be made via the website http://www.sgtpepperspr8.co.uk or calling 07933847168

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