Seriously injured swan battles for survival

8th April 2019

A confused swan has suffered serious injuries including concussion and a suspected broken wing after crashing into Southport Pier.

The white swan collided with the inside of the pier railings and is now hobbling around the walkway waiting Rescue from Southport Swan Rescue.

Anyone walking down the pier is asked to avoid the swan as it may get distressed.

Get swan for me too!

Get swan for me too!

A Southport man famous for rescuing injured swans in the town certainly had tongues and beaks waggling when he left one of his charges outside a chippy.

And of course it was the Swan! Len Golby stopped off for a well early chippy tea with his newly patched up swan friend after he had brought it back from the vets following treatment.

The kind headed Len was on his way to releasing the swan back into the wild but his hunger got the better of him and of course he stopped off at the Swan for some quick nourishment!

No word yet on if the Swan had extra salt and vinegar!