Merseyside Police can confirm that five men have today (Friday, 5 September 2014) been sentenced to a total of 82 years after being convicted at Liverpool Crown Court trial for a series of thefts/attempt thefts from cash machines across the North West and central England.

All five men were charged with Conspiracy to cause an explosion under s.3 (1) (a) Explosive Substances Act 1883,and Conspiracy to commit burglary other than a dwelling, Contrary to Sec 1(1) Criminal Law Act 1977.

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·         Thomas Whittingham, 28 years, of Broughton Hall Road, West Derby was found guilty of both offences and sentenced to 18 years

·         Anthony Bushell. 29 years. of Childers Street, Old Swan was found guilty of both offences and sentenced to 17 years

·         Craig Cartwright, 39 years, of Vinecote Road, Coventry pleaded guilty to both offences and has been sentenced to 17 years

·         Kurt Beddoes, 31 years of Hanford Avenue, Orrell Park pleaded guilty to both offences and has been sentenced to 17 years

·         Ian Ellis, 30 years, of Warrington Road, Rainhill pleaded guilty to both offences and has been sentenced to 13 years

ots-santander 1 cash machine raid birkdale village southport ots onthespot ots

These men were responsible for ATM attacks at 28 premises (banks, post offices and supermarkets) in Wirral, Lancashire, Cheshire, Southport, Liverpool, Prescot, Loughborough, Gloucester, Birmingham, Northampton and Derby. These attacks resulted in losses to the businesses targeted by the thieves, of approximately £1.5m, not to mention damage to the properties estimated to be in excess of £200,000.

Detective Chief Inspector Gayle Rooney, from the Matrix Serious Organised Crime Team (MSOC), said: “This is a culmination of year long investigation into crimes involving thefts from cash point machines across the North West and Central England.”

“Officers from the specialist Matrix Serious Organised Crime Team have worked tirelessly, using all the resources available to us to identify those responsible and take positive action.”

“Given the geographical spread of these offences the investigation has been complex and extensive. To gather all the evidence for the conspiracy to put before the courts detectives have worked together with investigation teams from Warwickshire and West Mercia Police, and both the North West and Midlands Regional Organised Crime Units, as well as detectives from 10 other forces.”

DCI Rooney, added: “These five men thought they were untouchable and they used hazardous tactics in targeting ATM’s, clearly endangering members of the public. The techniques used by the men involved in these attacks were extremely dangerous and we are fortunate that no-one was hurt.

“Offenders often believe that by committing crimes in different force areas they can escape detection and arrest, but police forces across the country do work together, regardless of boundaries. This case is an example of painstakingly piecing together huge amounts of complex evidence, to bring people to justice.

“It was a thorough, extensive investigation by officers from the Matrix Serious Organised Crime Team. I would like to thank all of those involved in the investigative process and the Crown Prosecution Service, who have worked together to bring these men to justice.”

“These men were driven by greed and a need to fund lavish lifestyles, expensive cars, holidays and large houses. They didn’t think about the danger of what they were doing and the potential that they could cause serious and significant injuries to others through their reckless actions.

“These convictions send out a strong message to those who commit these types of crime. Merseyside Police is, and will always be, relentless in its targeting of criminals involved in serious and organised crime and for us there are no boundaries.”

List of offence dates and locations:

20/05/13           ATM Sainsbury’s           Pensby Road, Heswall, Wirral, Merseyside

23/05/13           ATM Santander             Liverpool Road, Birkdale, Merseyside  

31/05/13           ATM Barclays                       Lodge Drive, Culcheth, Warrington, Cheshire

04/08/13           ATM Natwest                       The Green, Eccleston, Chorley, Lancashire

17/08/13           ATM Barclays                        Booker Avenue, Liverpool, Merseyside

25/08/13           ATM Natwest                        Allerton Road, Liverpool, Merseyside

30/08/13           ATM Natwest                        Longmoor Lane, Liverpool, Merseyside

12/09/13           ATM Natwest                         Eccleston Street, Prescot, Merseyside

27/07/13           ATM Barclays                        Ford Road, Upton, Wirral, Merseyside

27/09/13           ATM Barclays                        Dewhurst Road, Birchwood, Warrington, Cheshire

13/10/13           ATM HSBC                             Town Lane, Higher Bebington, Wirral, Cheshire

26/10/13           ATM HSBC                             Pensby Road Wirral, Merseyside

28/02/13                                                              Barclays, Loughborough

03/03/13           Barclays, Marcham Road, Abingdon

04/03/13           Budgens, Loughbourough

13/03/13           Co-Op Leicester

24/03/13           Budgens, Loughbourough

27/03/13           Co-Op Studley

29/03/13           Santander, Birstall

05/04/13           Barclays, Derby

08/04/13           HSBC Gloucester

26/04/13           Barclays, Loughborough

17/05/13           Barclays, Bishop Meadow, Loughborough

25/05/13           Barclays, Milton Park, Abingdon

30/05/13           HSBC Balsall Common, Birmingham

01/06/13           Barclays, 1 Station Road, Knowle

12/06/13           HSBC, Northampton

14/06/13           Barclays, 28 Ratby Road, Groby
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