Photo: Sensory Touch, Tulketh Street, Southport

“The BID (Business Improvement District) are trying to re-posses sensory equipment for children at 66-76 Tulketh Street” – Sensory Touch

Sensory Touch is a unique multi-sensory environment created to meet the growing demand in the area. Based in Southport, it offers a new and innovative experience in the sensory world. Stimulate your senses with our soft play area or create a relaxing atmosphere with a dark room and UV lighting.

Staff at Sensory touch have made an appeal asking help: “The BID (Business Improvement District) are trying to re-posses sensory equipment for children at 66-76 Tulketh Street”

“We are launching a kickstart project as a last ditch effort”.

“They want a small fortune compared to last year and myself and many many other business didn’t vote for them. And we are only a tiny family run business for non profit who were recently burgled.

“They provide some minor things which the council used to provide”.

“Now I and many others have to pay a vast amount on top of the £10,000 council tax I already pay to have those same things. Plus they are now upping the council tax as well”.

“The landlords are also upping the rent constantly as well as the utility companies that supply commercial premises.

“All on the grounds that my business premises is over a certain square footage”

“We do not get invited to any of the BID events and receive no benefit. It’s the same with many business such as pubs and barbers down to health stores. They receive no invites but are drained of cash flow.

“We pay £15,000 a year to Sefton council and in return put up with road works and pot holes on our road. The police charged us £270 to board up our doorway when we were burgled and our cash stolen. £270 for 3 minutes work. BT want to charge us for broadband we don’t have and the boiler constantly breaking which we have to pay for ourselves”.

“So far we have given £80,000 to these corporate people all to try and provide a sensory centre for children with learning disabilities”.

“We are now on the very edge of bankruptcy as grants we have applied for will take months to reach us and with everything happening at once I don’t think we will survive”.

“Please help us if you can in any way”.

sensory touch


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