Selling a Samsung Galaxy S9 is Smoother When You Know This

12th February 2021

Your handheld Samsung is approaching its contract, and the swish new phone is playing in your mind.

If you don’t want to carry your old phone anymore, why not sell Samsung Galaxy s9 for cash to support buying your new baby.

We will not let you wonder what to do, where to approach and everything in between to sell your Samsung mobile phone.

Here are a few pointers to help you smoothly sail through:

Where Can It be Sold?

The used phone marketplace is huge and is flooded with varied business models and several options.

There are online B2C market places like eBay and Facebook Marketplaces where you get to interact directly with the end customer. Your network operators are also in the business of used mobile phones and you must reiki them once. Then there are mobile recycling companies that have simple, flexible, and effective offerings.

It is challenging when you’ve so many options and zeroing in can seem a tough row to hoe. A good price is often led by good research. Investing times to compare B2B and B2C websites goes a long way to secure the best deal. Engage with them to get the quotes for a clearer perspective, to make a detailed comparison, and then to make an informed decision.

While analysing the quotes, focus on the insurance, free postage, and payment terms and conditions to avoid any last-minute surprises related to delayed payments or additional costs.

Some retailers offer discounts to trade-in old mobile phones for new purchase from them. Though online marketplaces allow you to list your price, however, it is often observed that these are crowded with listings making the overall scenario competitive and cut-throat for you.

There are some businesses that prefer gift cards rather than paying you upfront. So this option may not appeal to those who are looking for immediate pounds in their account. Here too, the policies have to be minutely looked at.

How much is My Samsung Galaxy S9 For?

There are many parameters that affect the resale price of any handset including but notlimited to its present condition, model number, ageing, and to some extent to its specs too. If your Galaxy S9 is well maintained, looks decent, and behaves smoothly, it has the potential to go for a premium.

How to Sell Your Mobile Phone?

Though a cursory understanding of the mobile trends and prices always helps, however, understanding the market is also not that tough.

Let’s understand how it moves:

Analysing Quotes:

Getting more quotes only enables a better clarity. Be honest and as descriptive while filling the forms on the websites. Use the optional/description column to tell as much as you can about your device without any exaggeration. It only helps to get you a fair price that you would rely on during the comparing exercise.

The last thing that you would like to get is a wrong quote that adversely impacts decision making and has the potential to trigger last-minute surprises.

Pack & Ship:

Once you accept an offer, the next step is to get ready with the dispatching.

Pack it with the box if you have and all the original accessories that you may have including the charger.

Either you’ll be sent a pre-paid postal sticker or a code that lets you send your packet freely, or the courier charges may get added to your price. Either way the postal shall be free for you.

Money Hits Your Account:

The device will go for a thorough inspection when it reaches the buyer. Upon a successful examination, you’ll be notified of it, and you can expect a credit in your bank in next 2-3 working days.

However, if the condition doesn’t match with details you filled in, and there are discrepancies, the deal might be cancelled or you may be offered a new price which is less than the initial offering. It’s up to you whether you accept it or not. If you don’t the device will be sent back to you.

Back Up:

Ensuring that messages, call records, contacts, and every else is mirrored precisely into an external device, or your notebook, or may be on your preferred cloud. Google Apps makes the entire backing up a seamless affair. The interfaces are super-intelligent and leave no mark for guess work.

Taking a second back up is also advisable because we breathe in an era where data is more critical than oxygen.

We’re sure that the thought, how to sell my mobile phone got some clarity.

And, now you have a better and clearer picture of what and how to do.

The best deal awaits you.

Happy selling!