Southport Now Target Seat for Labour

Sefton’s Labour councillors want a 5% pay increase

Councillors on Sefton Council will be looking at a 5% pay rise next year – that’s if Labour members get their way at next Thursday’s Council Meeting.

A motion has been submitted by the ruling Labour group in the name of Cabinet Member Cllr Paulette Lappin, calling for a blanket pay rise to council staff of 5% next year.

The rise for councillors will be automatic as the Sefton Members Allowance Scheme is set up in such a way that “Increases in Members Allowances will be linked to the average pay increase given to Sefton Council employees”. Accordingly local councillors would also see the same 5% pay rise.

As one example, Cllr Lappin would see an increase of just under £1200 a year in her pay of £23,754 a year for her part time position as councillor and Cabinet Member, if the Labour proposal goes through. As the Labour Party currently hold 40 out of 66 seats on the council that seems a near certainty.