Conservatives on Sefton Council gave refused to support their own Party leader David Cameron over his bid to stop a Mansion Tax. Independent councillor Sir Ron Watson moved a motion at the Council meeting calling on the Council to congratulate the Prime Minister on holding out against pressure to bring in such a measure. But not one Conservative councillor in the chamber would back this move.

Lib Dem leader Iain Brodie Browne pointed out that the starting figure for Mansion Tax being quoted in Parliament was somewhere between £I.5 million and £2 million and Cllr Watson accepted that his motion probably had no direct relevance to more than a handful of local properties in the whole of Sefton. Cllr Brodie Browne said that the country needed either a mansion tax or new top bandings for Council Tax since the ultra rich, often foreign or ‘non-domicile’ British citizens, living in multimillion pound homes in London and the South East, were often paying no income tax at all.

Councillor Watson’s motion was defeated by 50 votes to 2.

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