Sefton Council/WACA banned the loyal WWP team; so now we ask… Is the woodland safe in their hands?

More Woodvale vandalism
11 July 2014 Update

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The ongoing shame of Sefton Council and the Woodvale and Ainsdale Community Association (WACA)

One of our Council/WACA banned WWP team was today horrified to see the Woodvale woodlands in a very bad state of repair. How ‘clever’ it is to destroy living trees that give home to many species of wild birds etc.

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Since the original team were banned from the woodlands for blowing the whistle on Tory Cllr Ted Hartill’s misdirection of the project the place has really fallen into decay.

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Irresponsible arsonists have also started fires in the woodlands. This could easily lead to local tragedy if dry conditions continue.

Vandalism is rife and evidence of illegal drug use was today seen in the woods. Paint spraying is everywhere and trees have been stripped of bark so they will dry out and die.

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Vandalism is also evident with massive graffiti on surrounding outbuildings.

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Cllr Ted Hartill was quite clear that he was ‘using’ the WWP to promote his own Conservative political agenda, but is the woodlands and surrounding region safe under his direction?

This ongoing negligence indicates strongly that no one is safe in the woodland under the current slipshod regime. An attack on a young man has ‘already’ happened.

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The WWP signage is also wrecked.

WWP hold the Council fully responsible for this appalling state of affairs and they are well aware that Cllr Haydn Preece is involved in an official investigation of the misdirection of the WWP scheme under Hartill’s direction.

See also why the WWP team refused to work with Cllr Hartill…

We know where the banned volunteers are but where are the police, the Council and what about parents of unsupervised youths who are allowing their offspring to do this to the ecosystem  – where exactly are they?

The Council and WACA should hold their heads down in shame!

Margaret Carney, Council Chief, has stayed utterly silent since her colleague, Rajan Paul, made the crazy decision to ban WWP whistleblowers… why?

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How long can these two  keep up this disgraceful charade?

The police and media have been informed. Media have, like the Council, so far totally ignored the numerous problems raised by the whistleblowers herein!

Please contact the police if you can provide any further information.

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