Sefton Council bosses’ ‘Local Plan’ does nothing at all to help the ‘Green Accord’ reached by 200 nations in Paris last week. In fact it does the complete opposite, Councillor Tony Dawson told a session of the PublicInquiry hearing at the Royal Clifton Hotel.

“The Council, and the City Region and Merseytravel all have pages and pages of ‘green’ policies but they largely just pay lip-service.” he said. “When it comes down to this Local Plan deciding whether anything will be done to reduce Carbon emissions etc the Council plan to do the precise opposite.”

Councillor Dawson was speaking against Sefton’s proposals to make large new housing developments on Green Belt land at Moss Lane and Bankfield Lane.

ots-southport-Bankfield Lane-Planning“They are planning to have built more and more semi-detached three bedroomed houses miles away from work and shopping centres for which there is no real demand when all the evidence shows that what is needed are hundreds of one- and two- bedroomed flats and studios in the centre of towns and cities.”

“The Sefton Plan will create thousand upon thousand totally unnecessary extra car journeys in Southport every year – and the same elsewhere. Putting new houses on greenfield sites at the edge of town is ‘the easy way out’. Whatever the Prime Minister is saying in Paris about cutting emissions, Sefton and other Councils are doing the complete opposite.”

ots-cllr dawson lib dem southport ots onthespot ots Dawson also pointed to the recent decision of the Council to drop previously-proposed new business units at Crowland Street and turn this area over to even more housing.

“They propose instead to put employment units near the Formby bypass. More congestion, more pollution, more Carbon emissions, more global warming. ”

“The right hand of government semingly doesn’t know what the left hand is doing – or doesn’t care.”

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