Photo: The Atkinson Cafe

Sefton Council, who run ‘The Bakery’ cafe at The Atkinson, have recently hit customers with staggering increases on some food items, amounting to well over 100%.

For example, 2 slices of cheese on toast were £2.75, but are now £6! I don’t think the cost of bread, cheese, or staff wages have more than doubled.

This looks like yet another failed Sefton business venture, following Southport Market, because no-one is going to put up with such incredible increases, and anyone with the slightest business experience will know that more than doubling prices is not the way to attract more business.

Is this part of a plan to restrict the menu to coffees and cakes saying there is ‘no demand’ for hot items, which will then be removed from the menu and the ‘cook’ made redundant.

Sefton back-tracked on parking charges at the Botanic – I guess that someone did the sums and realised that the cost of managing such a small car park wasn’t viable, but it’s amazing that they make the decisions before doing a cost analysis, only to then reverse them when the public makes a fuss. Will Sefton back-track when they lose cafe customers at the Atkinson or is it another plan to axe jobs?


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