Sefton Council has now closed Botanic Gardens Greenhouse Nursery at the Weekends

30th May 2015


Botanic Gardens Greenhouse Nursery now closed at the Weekends, May 30 2015.

Botanic Gardens have announce that the Greenhouse Nursery will no longer be open at the weekends. This is due to Council cutbacks. However it will be open weekdays.


Betty Moomin said:

“How clever of the council, especially when we have the most visitors at the weekends. If they had to close(which is stupid as you make money with it being open), why not just a Monday and Tuesday then? I think it’s disgrace what they’re doing to our park.

We buy most if not all our plants for our garden there, as do allot of people. Do the council simply not take into account the knock on effect in the local community. Take things away from the park and people don’t come here, the villages Crossens and Churchtown will be hit. It is so annoying!


Chris Porter said:

“For crying out loud, you are far more likely to get custom at the weekend or is that what Sefton doesn’t want?


Joanne Wright said:

“Such a shame, We have had many happy times there with family. Yet again the council let everyone”


Robert Newbiggin Said:

“It will probably get redeveloped into parking and new houses one day
Public Park and it’s history gone forever.


William David Ashcroft said:

“Is there no end to these Jobsworths who are, without doubt, slowly but surely draining the lifeblood out of our very precious gardens, they seem to forget that Botanic was given and belongs to the Indigenous People of Our Town.


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