Ainsdale Beach remains closed to the public who want to assess it by car. 

Residents have started to express anger towards the current state of affairs at Ainsdale beach.

Caz Speakman said:” I purchased a permit for the year but the gates are locked, the tide is miles out and bins are overflowing and rubbish everywhere”

She added, “traffic wardens where outside – ticketing visitors!”


Paul Pilkington said: “I went this morning, the beach and dunes were strewn with tin cans, bottles, bags loose litter… rubbish everywhere and overflowing bins.

“If they’re going to charge people they need to have a daily cleansing team.

“Better still how about the minority of scumbags that use the beach take their crap home,
you must have been dragged up with crap parents if you think it’s fine to dump litter anywhere including the beach and the countryside in general”



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