Sefton Carers Centre to launch new transitions pathway for young adult carers

8th March 2021

Sefton Carers Centre will officially launch its new transitions pathway for Young Adult Carers on National Young Carers Action Day – Tuesday the 16th March.

Young adult carers are young people aged 16–24 who care, unpaid for a family member or friend with  long-term  illness or disability, a mental health condition or an addiction. Because of their responsibilities they may find the transition to adulthood much more difficult than their peers who don’t have a caring role, and as a consequence many are denied the opportunity to achieve their potential in life.  The pathway will provide them with the support they need to transition successfully to adulthood via education, training or employment.

The launch of the pathway means that young adult carers in Sefton will have a dedicated member of staff at Sefton Carers Centre to support their individual journeys to adulthood.

Andrew Deacon, who has been part of the team developing this service, believes that the impact will be significant: “All young carers should be able to feel hopeful and optimistic about their future. With our transitions pathway, the commitment of our partners, and continued support from our service, Sefton’s young adult carers can feel hopeful and can reach their goals. It is fitting that we will launch our pathway and its resources on Young Carers Action Day 2021.”

Young Carers Action Day, is promoted by the Carers Trust, and is focused on raising awareness of the incredible contribution Young carers make to the wellbeing of a family member who cannot manage without their support. But the day is also about delivering change for them and the opening up of opportunities. Young carers and young adult carers want the day to be about their futures, highlighting the incredible skills and understanding they have developed through being carers.

Sefton’s Young Carers Support service is part of Sefton Carers Centre – a local charity that provides invaluable free advice and guidance to unpaid carers across the borough of Sefton. The Young Carers team works with children and young people with caring responsibilities from the age of 5, and the new transitions project will ensure that young adult carers can continue to access support up to their 25th birthday, when they can then transfer to the adult carers support team.

For information about the free support services that Sefton Carers Centre provides to unpaid carers of all ages visit their website: or call 0151 288 6060, Monday – Friday (9.00am – 4.30pm). Sefton Carers Centre is a registered charity in England and Wales No. 312443.