Photo: Birkdale councillor Simon Shaw

With Sefton Council’s key budget meeting due next Thursday, Lib Dem councillors are repeating their call for a one third cut in the total number of elected members – saving over £250,000 a year.

The idea of reducing the number of councillors from three to two per ward was first put forward by the Lib Dems over 4 years ago. However since Labour gained control of the Council in 2012 they have repeatedly blocked the move.

“A lot of jobs have been cut at the Council in recent years, but not at the top” says Birkdale councillor Simon Shaw, speaking on behalf of the Lib Dem Group

“Councillors should look to themselves for further savings, rather than always cutting the services that the public need.”

“Currently there are 66 elected members but Lib Dems believe that 44 should be enough. However Labour have repeatedly opposed the idea.”

“Everyone knows that there is a lack of money”, added Councillor Shaw. “Surely councillors should lead from the front.”

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