SCARYBRICK HOTEL – Residents bemoan ‘death trap’ hotel after guttering fall

A town centre hotel exposed in Parliament for its poor service is now being branded a ‘death trap’.

Residents near to the Scarisbrick Hotel in Southport have warned that the building is in such a poor state large parts of its external guttering and brickwork continue to fall off and collapse to the ground below.

In the latest incident, a large section of guttering has fallen from the Scarisbrick Avenue side of the Britannia owned hotel overnight following an extended period of bad weather.

Nearby residents have complained saying the building is a ‘death trap’ and anyone walking past is lucky to escape with their lives given the terrible condition of the building.

One resident told OTS News: “The Scarisbrick Hotel is a death trap. The guttering just fell off and nearly hit a passer-by. We need to make sure Sefton Council know about this. This is an eyesore.”

In December Damien Moore told the House of Commons that Britannia Hotels, which owns Pontins holiday camps and numerous hotels, is causing “untold damage” to seaside resorts such as Southport as well as other towns and cities.