‘Santa please bring her home.’ Family relaunch search for beloved pet cat

A Southport family have launched a heartfelt appeal for any or all information that someone may have as to the whereabouts of their much loved cat.

Such is the heartbreak felt from the disappearance of the female black cat, her human family’s youngest child continues to ask for her safe return from Santa on their Christmas wish list.

The 13 year old black female cat vanished from her owner’s sight in November 2019 from their home in Warren Road, Southport and has not been seen or heard from since.

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Despite a prolonged and desperate search, her family found no evidence to find where she vanished to.

Her owner said “our black female cat went missing a year ago today. She never really went further than next door so I believe she would be close by.

“We realise chances of good news are pretty much zero but we really would like to know what happened to her and be able to answer the kids questions as they still ask.

“Our youngest still puts for her to come home on his Christmas list.

“If anyone has any information we would appreciate it.

“We did put posters up and leaflets through doors at the time but had no sightings.”