Samantha from Southport to appear on The Big Body Hotel

22nd March 2021

Samantha Halsall from Southport will be appearing on episode 5 of The Big Body Hotel streaming on Discovery + and was with Cassie James on her Mighty Radio Mid-Morning Show today to talk about her experience and the amazing journey she has been on.

“It’s all about body positivity and embracing who you are no matter what shape you are, it is everything in a one stop feel good body positive show that will leave you full of emotion.

“In this day and age, plus sized people make up over 40 of the population of the world and to me even though I live through being a plus sized female, and I have done all of my life, the mind boggles that people can still be so cruel over things that may be outside someone’s control because society has deemed a “normal” person to be a size 10 size 12.

“I suffered with an eating disorder, I still do suffer with an eating disorder. That stems from trauma within my family dynamic when I was growing up and from there on out, I was bullied in school because I put weight on because food became my comfort. It was something I would turn to when I was really sad, it became a comfort blanket for me.

“I would punish myself for eating, I would make myself sick.

“Through trying to lose weight my eating disorder was diagnosed. I went through 12 months of intense therapy and when I’d just finished my therapy and was in remission, I saw an advert for this body confidence building show and I thought it was perfect timing, so I applied.

“I got through the application process and before I know it, I was being whisked off to Antigua, all expenses paid, and I went to this fantastic hotel.

“It felt like heaven on earth, there was no judgement.

“After therapy I felt like my head was fixed but my body confidence was not.

“I can truly say that from being on the show I love myself and embrace myself just the way I am.

Samantha has an important message for anyone out there who might be struggling with their own body confidence issues;

“You’re not on your own, if you do feel low or not confident please drop me a message and talk about it and I’ll help if I can because my life has truly changed once I learned to embrace myself.”

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