Photo: Birkdale High, year 7
Hendre Fourie, ex-English Rugby Union international, and his team of Andy, Jack and Darren came to deliver a series of workshops to year 7 pupils at Birkdale High School on Financial Awareness and touch rugby.The aim of the programme is to help young people develop key skills to assist them with the management of personal finances, including budgeting, saving and how to make informed choices about financial matters.

The programme covers elements of the Mathematics and Citizenship curriculum and uses rugby to help both engage the pupils and to use real life examples around financial decisions.

There are two main elements to the programme which include:
An assembly at school which provides an overview of the programme and an introduction to rugby which is followed by two hours of Touch Rugby coaching for all students – this is a non-contact, all inclusive (for boys), evasion game for pupils of all levels and abilities to help promote physical activity.

A series of financial education activities combining a number of different topics covering income, expenditure and budgeting skills which draw upon a professional rugby environment.

The boys will gain a lot from the experience and will know the difference between need and want along with other financial skills.

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