Sainsbury’s customers donate food to Shoreline Church Food Bank

Sainsbury’s Southport Lord street customers have donated surplus food that is still healthy, nutritious and within it use-by dates to Shoreline church food bank

The food donation scheme is aimed at charities that could really benefit from receiving surplus food products from the generosity of our customers.

Southport Store Manager Fiona Wright said: “We are really happy that local charities, within our community, can benefit from our food donations scheme.”

“There are hundreds of hungry mouths to feed in our local community and by customers donating food to our local charity we can guarantee that food is being put to good use.

John Buchanan from Shoreline church food bank said: “We’re delighted to be receiving this kind donation from customers at Sainsbury’s Lord Street Southport who have helped to raise awareness of our cause. These items really will benefit local people suffering from food poverty.