A Southport campaigner has praised Merseyrail for supplying all local train stations with defibrillators

The news follows local heritage campaigner, David Barton’s most recent campaign, in which he lobbied for the introduction of the vital equipment at Hillside Train Station.


The move is part of his larger plans to support the local community while combining the benefits of local civic heritage.

The Hillside Train Station opened in 1926 and later became part of MerseyRail Network’s Northern Line in 1978.

It became a popular intermediate station for the golfing tourist economy, at both Royal Birkdale and Hillside Golf Clubs, as well as becoming a main passage route for school pupils at Greenbank High School.

Mr Barton has now been informed by MerseyRail that Hillside’s defibrillator is located in the ticket office and passengers can request it from the staff.

Mr Barton said: “I am delighted to have the continued support of another organisation that places community first and recognises the importance of traditional architecture.

“I have recommended that the websites be updated at the soonest convenience. This may prove critical at an unmanned station where accessing a defibrillator isn’t always straightforward under pressure. Merseyrail should be commended for being proactive.”

Most defibrillators are located in the ticket office, however, some are based externally in locked cases. Should an ambulance be needed, a code is provided to open them, but this is mainly for unmanned stations.