Rueter’s Return! Restaurant is back in business after ‘ghost’ quarantine closure

Management at the Rueter’s Restaurant in Southport Town Centre have announced they are now reopen, for food, following a period of needless staff quarantine.

Staff were sent into a panic after receiving a notification telling them they would need to isolate after allegedly coming into contact with a confirmed Coronavirus case.

However this warning later transpired to be one of the now infamous ghost notifications the app is understood to accidentally send out to phones.

Sinclair, owner of Rueters announced “On Saturday, 3 members of our team received a notification on their phones that said “you may have been in contact with someone who later went on to test positive for Covid-19.

“You must self isolate for 14 days”. When I was told this, in order to keep the safety of our team and guests an absolute priority, we closed immediately.

“After seeking advice from several authorities, it became apparent that there is a fault with the App. If a notification disappears when opening and nothing appears in the App, then we are to ignore it. This information was confirmed in the NHS Covid App FAQ’s, and is what happened to our team.

“As such, there was no need for us to close over the weekend but it was better to be safe than sorry!

“Following the announcement today by the government, we re-opened on Wednesday morning.

“Please understand that should we receive any NHS Covid-19 notifications that, when opening, do not disappear, then we will take measures to protect you all.

“We look forward to welcoming you back with the continued enhanced measures that have protected our guests since we re-opened following lockdown.”