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Sent in from OTS Reader

5.25pm today. No police turned up for the 90 minutes I was close to the scene, – just happened to be walking my dog in that area, the woods on Preston New Rd.

2 Ambulances attended, Ambulance man from the 2nd Ambulance directed the traffic and also moved one of the damaged **vehicles.

A white Ford transit connect van had to halt abruptly for a traffic queue up to the Post Office roundabout on PNRd., at 5-25pm this afternoon, a White **Ford Escort Van was unable to stop and clipped the rear of the Connect with his nearside wing, the Black ’06 Astra hatchback travelling behind had been observing a 4th vehicle in the line of cars who had been tailgating him* and he was unable to pull up quick enough and he hit the n/s of the rear of the Escort van with his front n/s wing.

One Ambulance stayed at the scene and the Escort driver was taken into the Ambulance for checks, previously he had not wanted to get out of the vehicle, saying he felt unwell, chest pains

The gentleman appeared to have alcohol on his breath when questioned by the father of the black Astra driver, who himself was taking photographs at the scene.

On the very same stretch of Road I have previously reported a speeding 2002 Silver Subaru Imprezza with spoiler and large black transfers, who had overtaken me and subsequently got into a four wheel drift, I noticed further down Preston New Rd, similar happened again with that vehicle, AFTER he had forced a C Class Silver Mercedez to pull over opposite Mallee Crescent., I then caught up with the offending vehicle at the traffice lights in Churchtown as I was visiting shops there, where I managed to discern the number plate and contacted the Police Call Centre (101), told them I belived it was just one White IC1 male driving. During my waiting time on the 101 number I saw a second White Subaru imprezza speeding noisily into town through those lights, this was also reported to the Police.

Operator told me I would be getting a Police visit to make a statement about the behaviour of this vehicle’s driver, but I commented that there was not much more that I could give by way of information relating to the observations I was reporting.

Nick Anderson


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