After a rollercoaster few months, the hottest attraction in Southport is finally back open after Pleasureland welcomed back families for the first time since lockdown.

Hundreds of families were delighted to return today as Pleasureland boss Norman Wallis and his team saw months of hard work pay off as rides started, drinks poured and water flumes flowed.

Owner Norman Wallis faced a tough challenge to bring the park up to new social distancing standards but with brand new sanitising stations, a rigorous ride-cleaning schedule and more, Pleasureland can claim a stake to being the safest attraction centre in the North West.

On a tour around the park, Mr Wallis showed OTS News how seriously new safety guidelines were being taken. All staff around the park had been provided with masks, and all rides were being cleaned after every rotation.

Guests are also required to book in advance, to minimise the amount of cash being handled on-site.

Rides are closed for 30 minutes mid-way through the day for a deep clean and visitor numbers are capped.

Pleasureland faced a difficult lockdown period given that some staff were contracted back in March yet the business was not eligible for certain elements of the Government furlough scheme due to its size and the dates employees were contracted.

And with crowds of people wandering through the park in the sunshine, it’s clear that even Covid-19 couldn’t put a dampener on the opening day of the 2020 season.

Pleasureland is now open every day until Sunday 6th September. You can book your tickets at: