Rock mad Adam lives the dream on stage with Nickelback

9th May 2018

Rock mad Adam lives the dream on stage with

Popular Southport man Adam Brown had the surprise of his life after he was chosen to sing on stage with Nickelback.

The lucky rock fan was one of just a handful of people across the country who are being picked to sing on stage with his heroes.

The concert which took place on Monday night in front of a packed it Echo Arena saw Sandgrounder Adam live the dream of many rock lovers when he got the chance to join Nickelback in singing Rockstar.

He said “I got picked out the audience to sing, I wasn’t gonna stand there and freeze, took the chance and held 8,000 people in the palm of my hand! In the words of Chad Kroger

“Holy Sh*t Adam, that man can sing, no stage fright from that Mother F*cker” After all these years in the business, if that’s my five minutes of fame, I’ll die a very happy man!

“Big shout to the bro Chris Reid for being there for the journey! And again Nickelback thanks for the Jagerbombs!!! Even managed to do the famous bro pose with Chad Kroger”