ROASTING FOR EUROCRATS OVER NEW RULES New EU legislation imposing a maximum power limit on ovens and hobs, which comes into force tomorrow (Fri 20th February 2015), has come in for a roasting from local MEP Louise Bours. “Surely the EU has more important things to worry about?

The continent is tearing itself apart and they are faffing around banning powerful ovens.

“The EU has previously banned traditional lightbulbs, powerful hoovers, old oven gloves, and demanded coffee machines, TVs and printers turn off.

There seems to be no end to their power grabbing,” said Ms Bours, UKIP Euro-MP. “Of course we want energy efficient appliances but there is already huge pressure from the market on these firms to provide this. It is not for the EU to impose another ill thought out blanket ban.

“Homeowners are perfectly capable of deciding for themselves what power oven they want. Brussels refuses to understand that it should not interfere in every part of our lives.”

“The only solution is to leave the EU and return common sense to our lives,” she added.

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