A BUSY West Lancashire road has seen a massive reduction in vehicle accidents following the introduction of a number of traffic calming operations and measures.

The A5147 which stretches from Scarisbrick through Halsall and into Maghull on Merseyside has not recorded a serious road traffic collision (RTCs) for ten months, the last being in October 2011.

The improvement comes after joint work by the constabulary and Lancashire County Council including weekly road policing operations and a number of measures to encourage motorists to drive more slowly.

Previously, the A5147 saw 11 RTCs in three-and-half years involving cars and motorcycles and resulting in injuries such as broken ankles, legs, ribs and sternums.

The A5147 also took the life of a Chorley man, aged 30, in October 2008 after he was hit by a HGV whilst attempting to cross the road.

West Lancashire Chief Inspector Kevin Boyce said: “West Lancashire is one of the most rural districts in the county linked by many long country roads and this is why we take this type of policing so seriously.

“I am pleased with the reduction in road casualties and I can put it down to the resources placed on the A5147 which has included weekly operations, drink drive campaigns and engagement with motorcyclists and drivers.

“The constabulary will continue with our efforts to maintain road safety on the A5147 and West Lancashire as a whole.”

Andrew Burrows, Lancashire County Council’s highways manager for West Lancashire, said: “Over the last few years, we’ve introduced a number of safety measures to slow down speeding traffic on the A5147.

“These include improved road markings and signing, interactive signs, and, following a review, lower maximum speed limits on specific sections of the road where appropriate.

“We’re also currently introducing 20mph areas near schools.”

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