The retro style has been all the rage for a long time now and can be seen in all aspects of life, from fashion trends and cars to interior design and popular culture. However, it has never been quite as big as it is now in 2020, particularly when it comes to home décor. If you would like to emulate this trend, here are some ideas for transforming your living space.

Set up a retro feature wall

You can keep it simple by creating a wall in your home dedicated solely to hanging retro artwork, or you can get extremely creative. For example, consider building small hanging shelves and displaying beautiful retro accents on them, such as old books, ornaments, or vintage globes. Another great idea is to use hanging chairs to display your vintage items – be sure to check out Pinterest for ideas and guidelines!

Buy retro arcade games

You don’t get more classically retro than old-school arcade games! Think Street Fighter, Pac-Man, Space Invader, and more. Not only do they add that sought-after 1980s vibe to your space, but they will also provide both guests and family members with endless hours of entertainment.

Put your chosen arcade games inside a cosy ‘man-cave’ or proudly in your living room. Just ensure that you free up enough place so that the games automatically become the focal point of the area.

Scope out old-school cookware

If you want to bring a classic vintage look and feel to your kitchen, there are plenty of opportunities to do so. A few great ideas include purchasing etched glassware, ice buckets, and cast-iron cookware.

Head on over to a vintage dealer or antique stores and scope out a few cast-iron pots and pans. You will likely find a few that need a bit of TLC but fear not. Cast-iron is incredibly durable, and it should be fairly straightforward to bring it back to life, even if it is rusty in some places. Here is a fantasticstep-by-step guide to successfully restore cast-iron cookware.

Find a traditional mirror

Vintage mirrors are excellent additions to any retro interior purely because they can effortlessly transform the vibe of the room and are rather easy to find. Most antique shops will sell them in abundance, and usually for a lot cheaper than what you would pay for a new, modern mirror at a regular store.

You will often find that the glass of vintage mirrors has a distinctive foggy appearance – do not let this put you off. Once placed inside your room of choice, it is certain to add a sense of classic romance and charm to the space.

Look for lighting fixtures

Spotting vintage lighting fixtures at an antique store is exciting, to say the least. That is because you will pay little more than a pittance for them, and yet they are the items that will transform your home into a retro haven faster than any other object from times gone by. Keep in mind, however, that you will probably need to re-wire them before they arefunctional again.

Once you go retro, you will never go back!