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A university under-graduate caught operating as a drugs dealer claimed to police that cash on him was from his student loan.

Connor Prescott (21) had been using cannabis for a decade – also alleged that some of it was from ‘cash-in-hand’ work, Liverpool Crown Court heard on Wednesday, January 8 2019.

When police had stopped him driving a BMW in Southport they immediately noticed a strong smell of cannabis and told him there was going to be a search, said Paul Blasbery, prosecuting.

Police catch resort drug dealer with his pants down

Officers noticed a large ball-shape in his underwear and found a single bag containing nine further bags and he said, “they are £20 bags”.

In his shorts pocket they found £600 cash and when the vehicle was searched a further £180 cash was found in the driver’s door tray. A mobile phone in the central console was continuously receiving calls from unknown numbers and text messages showing addresses.

The judge ordered Prescott to carry out 200 hours unpaid work and imposed a six month home curfew between 7pm – 6 am.