Woodvale residential campaigners, Pat and Cath Regan, met with Ainsdale’s Cllr Haydn Preece and Richard Perrett (Team Leader Neighbourhood Management) of One Vision Housing.

ots-southport.ainsdale -campaigners-jpg

Above: Cllr Preece continuing to work closely with Woodvale campaigners

Cllr Preece has been in regular communication with many residents, shopkeepers and landlords.

He stated:

“I’ve been working with Council Officers including the Chief Executive since 2010. The council have been looking to resolve this dire situation, which includes very poor accommodation riddled with damp and exteriors in my view that are dangerous to passing pedestrians. It took a number of years for the council to be able to trace the owners of parts of the building and then the council took responsibility including exterior insurance.”

ots-preeceAbove: Cllr Preece – not impressed with the derelict state of Sandbrook Way flats.

“Regrettably current landlords of some flats and shop owners unfortunately did not all agree to sell at offered prices when a prospective purchaser was found and that agonisingly delayed the exit strategy for those in flats desperate to get out. I believe that prospective purchaser has withdrawn leaving us back at square one. This is a situation that is just unacceptable as the building fabric has deteriorated beyond repair,” added Cllr Preece.


Campaigners continue to press for action that is urgently needed to address this ramshackle and blatantly dangerous Woodvale area now!

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Woodvale slums Addendum

Cllr Preece at the last Area Committee requested a full report on the current situation related to Sandbrook Flats and Sandbrook Way, due to the continual lack of progress. 





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