Banks residents warned “don’t even light a cigarette” after gas pipe accident

13th August 2021

Residents in Bank have been warned: “don’t even light a cigarette” after workers accidentally struck a gas pipe.

Local residents living in nearby Sycamore Close added that a loud hissing sound can be heard in the local area.

Jo-ann Flatts said: “It smells so bad of gas.

The accident is said to have occurred in an area of new-build housing on Aveling Drive.

Work is ongoing to cut off the gas and repair the leak.

Another resident reported on Facebook that they “can’t make a coffee or cook food” and “told me not to turn lights on or touch sockets“.

Gas network operators Cadent have confirmed their repair teams arrived on site at 1pm.

Cadent said: “The damage is to a medium pressure gas main. Our teams have checked nearby properties for signs of gas readings and everything is fine. We have resources heading to the site now to repair the gas main.”

Cadent also confirmed that no evacuation of the local area was necessary, though a small cordon has been placed around the affected building site.