Resident launches protest over Sandown Court 5G mast

An angry Sandown Court resident is protesting against a proposal that would see a 5G mast installed on the building.

A letter distributed among the flats has criticised the plans and urges residents to appeal against the planning request.

The plans would see the existing mast replaced with a 5G antenna for the 3 and EE networks opposite Southport Community Fire Station at the end of Lord Street.

If completed, the mast would reach over 40m high.

In a letter distributed amongst flats, the resident said: “We can no longer pretend it is not happening and this cannot be swept under the carpet.

“The value of our properties would nosedive ”

“Ask yourselves this question: if you were looking for a flat to live in, would you choose one with a 5G mast on top? I think not!”

The flyer also contains examples of 5G rollouts halted in other countries.

However OFCOM insist 5G is perfectly safe.

In a study in 2020, OFCOM measured EMF measurements at 22 existing 5G sites and found that all were well within safe limits.

OFCOM said of their findings: “At every site, emissions were a small fraction of the levels included in international guidelines. These guidelines are set by the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP).

“The maximum measured at any mobile site was approximately 1.5% of those levels – including signals from other mobile technologies such as 3G and 4G. The highest level from 5G signals specifically was 0.039% of the maximum set out in the international guidelines.

“In some parts of the UK, mobile phone masts have been vandalised because of incorrect claims. Engineers from mobile phone companies have also been harassed as they carried out their work.

“There is a conspiracy theory that claims 5G is connected to the spread of the coronavirus (Covid-19). This is wrong. There is no scientific basis or credible evidence for these claims.”