Working remotely means handling tasks away from the office setting or a coworking space. Analytics from a study done by Gallup shows that at least 37 percent of employees work from home. The current COVID 19 pandemic has become a growing concern and has triggered a culture of telecommuting. As employers across the globe encourage their workers to work from home, the numbers will keep rising.

This demographic, however, presents with unique weaknesses, strengths and needs that eventually impact productivity. For you to be a successful telecommuter, certain disciplines must be enforced. Here, we give you actionable advice for employee productivity.

Stick to a Schedule

Working from home or a remote location creates a more fluid structure for an employee than would be the case in a traditional office. A bad routine can kill productivity. It means setting and sticking to a good working routine to stay motivated and productive. Some companies prefer CCTV installation to keep monitoring their staff to enhance efficiency.

Remember to separate your official and personal routine. You may be tempted to wake up late and get to your desk in PJs. However, it is important to shower first, dress up and get into the working mood mentally.

Set Priorities

Begin by making head-way with your to-do list. For instance, if you have planned to work on email marketing that day, what should you begin with? Should you start by drafting the emails or create newsletters? Communicate with your team virtually to stay focused.

Companies should, for instance, take advantage of technology by engaging video conferencing to keep the employees on toes. You only need to contact a good tech company such as ACCL to get a hint of the best e-commerce channels to keep your employees engaged.

Remote working calls for a lot of discipline. When you get side-tracked, recognise this moment and look for mechanisms of diffusing it. You could also look for programs that can help you to stay focused, such as ambient noise players.

Get the Right Tools

If you are into omnichannel marketing, for instance, you will need tools such as CRM, operations management, buffer, helpdesk support and live help to offer your customers seamless shopping experience. You will also need to create email funnels to nurture your relationship with the customer.

Educate your customers and subscribers on the benefits of the services and the product you offer through an all in one marketing platform, Mailchimp. Because you will be working from a remote station, it is important that you have all the tools to make every minute count. Be careful to invest in a comfortable seat to prevent health issues such as a backache, and keep your machine at am eye-level to avoid straining.

Also, keep your working area uncluttered, and take breaks when necessary. Because you will need to communicate with your team, there are many programs that can be installed to enhance task management, sharing of information, communication and productivity.

Define Boundaries

Telecommunicating is a major avenue for distraction and wasted time. You can only sidestep this by separating your domestic and office work. Avoid working from bed or the couch because these two areas make it extremely hard for you to focus. Set aside a workspace even if it’s one corner of your bedroom. Like your morning routine, set up a clocking-out routine to guide you in wrapping up your day. It is important that you also engage in regular physical exercise.

The coronavirus pandemic has drastically altered the working landscape, with many businesses encouraging remote operations. With these pointers, it will be easy to adjust to the paradigm shift.